Installing a Raritan holding tank in a newer A30

Some years ago, there was a group purchase of Kracor #5022 holding tanks. These tanks hold about 15 gallons, and were chosen because they would fit under the port V-berth in place of the drawer, in the space that many owners had previously installed the Mansfield TDX Type 1 treatment system, but with double the capacity. A sketch of the proposed installation was published in the Maintenance Manual, and a number of A30 owners installed these tanks. The fit was a bit tight in the older boats (but that's another story), but fit well in the newer boats, as you can see in this photo of Gilleleje's installation.

More years passed. Some people who had recently bought Alberg 30s, and some who had not participated in the earlier group purchase but had since given up on keeping the now-unsupported Mansfield TDX system running, wanted to follow suit. Of course, Kracor no longer made the same tank.

But Raritan could supply a tank of the same dimensions (model #14D208014, labeled as a 14 gallon tank). There was much discussion on the email list, checking dimensions to make sure everything was the same as the Kracor tank, and solving the issue of the inch-and-a-half fittings being too close together for the elbow fittings. After much measurement, confusion, and angst, we ended up sending this drawing to Raritan for another group purchase.

Special thanks to Mike Lehman of Gilleleje, #505, and Jim Mennucci of Quest, #433, who blazed the trail with the Kracor tank.

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