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This page contains newer information that I haven't merged into the Alberg 30 Atomic 4 maintenance page

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Start at http://www.alberg30.org/collaborate/Atomic4Engine and either find, or start, an appropriate page for the information. The pages in that section are editable by everyone and have the potential to become a huge repository of information.


  • Captain Ron's Atomic 4 page has moved and gotten better.
  • Atomic 4 discussions are carried out on Usenet and SailNet. I highly recommend joining the Atomic 4 mailing list.
  • The Atomic 4 is apparently not based on the Jeep or Farmall or Cub Cadet, according to this account of the history by Robert Hess. Also available here.
  • Chris Wilson's photos of the Atomic 4
  • Don Moyer finally has a web site
  • Joe Palmer's Classic Sailboat site has an Atomic 4 comments and tips page.
  • Another place to check for Atomic 4 parts online, is here. (Caveat emptor; I don't know these people.)
  • Indigo Electronics is still a good source for certain Atomic 4 upgrades, including electronic ignition, oil filter, crankcase ventilation, fresh-water cooling and electric fuel pump.
  • In Annapolis, MD try:
    • Annapolis Napa, 1750 McGuckian Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 410-263-2695
    • Vosbury Marine & Recreation, 1656 Homewood Landing Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 410-757-3844
    There may be others.


Much of this has been gleaned by listening to others. I'm also collecting rebuilding tips.
  • NAPA 1970 Volvo 4 cylinder wire set
  • Pep Boys wire set #1924 (1974 Volvo)
  • Volvo #875781-7 thermostat replaces Holley thermostat on newer engines if you put it on top of a 1/8" thick spacer (in the shape of the gasket).
  • Starter: (ref Kerry Edwards & Advance Auto Parts)
    • AC Delco (GM) 1107679
    • AC Delco remanufactured 323779
    • AGA 4149
  • Rings: (ref Thoma Kresge)
    Hastings Rings part #6520 (available +10, +20 or +30 oversize)
    325 North Hanover, Hastings, Michigan 49058-1598 USA
    Phone: 616-945-2491 * Toll-Free Orders: 800-776-1088 * Fax : 800-837-2495
  • Coil (ref Captain Ron)
    • Standard Motor Products Incorporated, Blue Streak UC-15 with internal resistance (FOR MOST A-4 ENGINES). $32.78 at Discount Auto Parts.
    • Standard Motor Products Incorporated, Blue Streak UC-12 for use with with external resistor (not usually for A-4's*).

    They also make a UC-12T and a UC-15T which are less expensive but quality control is probably less. I have been told that the SMP UC-15 is comparable to a BorgWarner: E40BAP or a NAPA: IC64SB

    *I understand that the reason there is a is a coil made for use with an external resistor is so it can be wired into an starting/ignition system that by-passes the resistor only during starting, thus producing a hotter spark for easier starting.

    Since the Atomic Four engine was installed in about 40,000 boats, there may be a few around that are wired up this way, and they may still need the external resistance coil. The external resistor that I saw was a white ceramic block about 3/4" x 4" that is mounted on the engine room bulkhead.

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