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Fellow Albergers,

I am back on the list after a few months away. I recently retired from the US Marine Corps and now I work for the US State Department. As is my luck, my first assignment at State is to Iraq, so I am here in the desert instead of on the Great Lakes. My Alberg 30 - Jante II - has been stored until I return during the summer of 2007. I have attached a few pictures of her. As some of you may remember, I bought my boat a few years ago from Charlie Haggart in Toronto. Since then, I have refinished the hull above and below the water line and I have just had the topsides professionally stripped and repainted with Alwgrip. Next year, I plan on gutting and re-finishing the interior and then she should be as good as new. I hope to stay in touch with you all and at least read about other people sailing their Albergs.

John Manza

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