Modifying a Truck to Transport an Alberg 30

I read the message of Scott Lynds. I think i have an interesting answer for him.

There is an Alberg 30 for sale with a truck on which the boat is put on. This truck has been bought used and converted specifically for transportation of the boat. This has been used during 4 or five years to bring an Alberg 30 from Quebec city (Canada) to Florida and back.

The boat has a new Yanmar 27 that has been used for about 50 hours, Now, this boat is on the truck since 3 or 4 years, unused.

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What is the general concencus on the best vehicle a person could reasonably tow a 30 for a long distance. What is the average owner using? Is a 3/4 Ton 4x4 up to the task to haul one.....say 1000 miles. I would appreciate any input as I have decided an Alberg 30 is the boat I would ultimately like to own for offshore sailing here in Nova Scotia, and it looks like I may have to venture far afield to find one. Hence, I am in need of a suitable trailer, and my next vehicle (if pratical) should be one to make the journey. I just recently hauled a Catalina 22 back from Lower N.J with my Dodge Caravan and it made the trip without any problem (the van that is, the trailer is another story!!).

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