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Hi George

Attached are pictures of the rudder on #456 for posting on the website. I know from the A30 Maintenance Manual 2013 edition (pg 24 posted by Bruce Beckner), that #456 originally had the 3/4" post turned at the end to 1/2" pintle. Now that I have removed the post, it is actually 1" diameter. Mr Beckner cut off the worn pintle, drilled/tapped a 1/2" hole, and replaced the pintel with a 1/2" silicone-bronze bolt. When I bought the boat, that 1/2" bronze bolt was worn to a nub and the post was corroded, cracking and flaking. (see photos). I might do a write up on the project when I am finished, but for now, feel free to post the photos.

Chip Dance
#456 s/v Natalie B

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