Deck Beam Repair in Older Alberg 30s

This page talks about the use of two aluminum plates to sister a delaminated main beam in the older Alberg 30's. There are other techniques that have been used to fix this problem. This technique was developed by Bruce Rankin and had proved to be simple and durable

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The plates should be 3/8" thick 6061 grade aluminum, cut to fit the curve of the beam. Rather than starting with drawing your own templates for the aluminum, you can contact one of these companies which have already digitized the shape. These companies use a water-jet cutting process that results in a very clean cut.

In the USA:

  • Washington Aluminum Company
  • 1330 Knecht Avenue
  • Halethorpe, MD 21227
  • 410-242-1000 extension 301 ask for Kirk
  • cost: ~$250 including shipping

In Canada:

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