Careening an Alberg 30

Sometimes when you need to be launched or lifted for under the waterline maintenance it could be very time consuming and expensive. I chose to spend 12 hours doing this for free and not have to put up with marina scheduling and so on. I guess it's in the sailor's blood to be self-sufficient.

To carine my A30, I use the following method:

Step 1

Study the tide levels for the area you are planning to carine your vessel. It is important to take note the levels of the high and low tides you will be using. You do not want to go aground at a point higher than the next high tide mark.

Step 2

I use five attachment points to balance the weight and heel of the boat.

  • Point a - bow cleat to forward piling or bulkhead
  • Point b - bow cleat to starboard piling or bulkhead
  • Point c - mast step to starboard piling or bulkhead
  • Point d - stern cleat to starboard piling or bulkhead
  • Point e - halyard to port piling or bulkhead (this line determines the heel)

Step 3

Make fast all attachment points and make sure there is a 5-10 degree heel and wait for the tide to go down.

I have successfully used this method single handedly. Having an extra hand and a dinghy helps very much.

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