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Hello George -

Some people have asked me to give you these pictures..

Surprise's Foredeck:

This a view showing the red jacklines on the deck running through the bow cleats; the rope deck pipe for the 200' nylon anchor cable; the chain deck pipe and its 200' of 5/16" chain. The red sheets on the pulpit are the spinnaker sheets.

Aft anchor cable:

This rope deck pipe leads to 100' of nylon (I DID re-varnish the stern lid after the picture was taken) I put this anchor line on the port side so that it would naturally coil into the corner of the locker and be away from the wiring for the air exhaust blower.

Gord and Spinnaker:

This is a good view of the 6:1 vang we use. The thin part is 1/8" Dyneema, an exotic aramid fibre stronger than wire - but looks and feels like string. I used it to bug friends who tease me about my usual preference for traditional rigging!