The Boom End Casting

The boom end casting was originally riveted onto the end of the boom extrusion.

The two tangs, for the topping lift and the mainsheet respectively, are held by by a bolt with a nylock nut, which holds the tangs securely while allowing them to rotate on it.

As part of replacing the rivets with bolts and threads in the casting, David Tessier (#319 Trois Bouleaux) also attached a strong (slightly modified) Wichard eye on each side of the boom.

The eye on the starboard side of the boom serves to anchor three slab reefing lines: termination at eye on starboard side of aft end of boom, up to the aft reef cringle in the leech of the mainsail, down to a dedicated turning block on boom just aft of the aft reef cringle, and forward along the boom to a cleat near the mast. This arrangement enables the "clew" of the reefed mainsail to be held close to the boom by the turning block, while the boom end attachment leaves space on the starboard side of the boom for the bunt to hang rather freely and un-crumpled. This seems like an improvement on both counts over some common in boom reefing line (end-boom/cringle/turning-block-in-end-of-boom) arrangements. A simple sweating technique, facilitated with a low friction strong track and appropriate sheeting and topping lift settings, is used in lieu of a reefing winch, including when reefing solo, hove-to, in strong wind.

The second, port-side, eye is available for other purposes such as,

  • attaching a boom-end-to-stem preventer, and
  • securing the boom, in conjunction with the mainsheet, while at anchor.

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