Replacing the Taffrail on a newer A30

When I removed the remains of the old taffrail, I found that there was a little delamination in the hull-deck joint. This is probably a relic of an old collision or docking accident.

The delamination did not go all the way through, so I just spread the crack with a screwdriver and squirted in some 3M 5200 caulk.

While I had the taffrail removed, I through-bolted the hull deck joint. I also sealed the outside of the joint with a liberal application of 5200.

The new taffrail was made by Cy Fishburn by laminating strips of teak. I drilled and countersunk for screws, and trimmed it to size.

The edges didn't quite match the rails, so I filed the rails down to meet.

Once it fit to my satisfaction, I screwed the new taffrail to the deck, bedded in 3M 5200 caulk. It might be prudent to use 4200, but I don't anticipate removing the taffrail and the 5200 was at hand.

I then dipped some teak plugs in resorcinal glue and lightly tapped them into place in the screwholes.

The plugs stood proud of the taffrail. I chiseled off the bulk of the protuding plugs...

...and then carefully trimmed closer, paying attention to which way the grain tilted. Finally I sanded the plugs smooth.

Voila! A new taffrail!

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