The Alberg 30 Cabin Table

Factory table in normal mounting position

From the factory, the Alberg 30 came with a stowable table for the main saloon. This table consists of a teak top that mounts on an aluminum Z-shaped leg. This leg inserts into a cast aluminum socket in the starboard setee.

Mounting socket, side view Mounting socket in starboard settee, top view A pin in the leg fits into one of three slots in the top of the socket, locking the table in the center of the cabin, over the starboard settee (out of the way), or halfway in between.
Table stowed over V-berth When not in use, the table top stows over the V-berth, held up by a wood block on the bulkhead and a barrel bolt mounted to the overhead. While not the sturdiest of mounting arrangements, this has generally proved satisfactory. Just watch your head.

Table stowed by starboard settee (photo courtesy Bill Blevins, Sabrina, #158)
(photo courtesy Bill Blevins, Sabrina, #158)
On the older boats, the table stows at the forward end of the starboard settee. This solves the "head bonking" problem, but it does take up some prime bulkhead real estate. This space is often used for a cabin heater or bookcase on other boats.

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