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 * Drill sizes for taps are [http://www.engineersedge.com/tap_drill_chart.htm here], [http://icrank.com/cgi-bin/pageman/pageout.cgi?path=/tapsizechart.htm&t=2 here], [http://www.efunda.com/DesignStandards/screws/tapdrill.cfm here], [http://www.widell.com/drillsiz.html here], and [http://www.newmantools.com/tapdrill.htm here]. Probably other places, too, but this should be enough.

I've got a Atomic 4 manifold with a stripped-out drain plug. I've found it difficult to tap the cast iron, so I went looking for some information on how best to create new threads in a hard iron casting. Along the way, I found some interesting web pages:

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