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[http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/Dawntreader-SFO.jpg] [http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_Cabin.jpg] [http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_On_Hard.jpg] [[http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/Dawntreader-SFO.jpg]] [[http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_Cabin.jpg]] [[http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_On_Hard.jpg]]

The Odyssey 30 yawl

  • LOA 29' 10"
  • LWL 22'
  • beam 8' 10"
  • draft 4' 9"
  • sail area 435 sq. ft. (sloop rig)
  • displacement 11,500 - 12,000 pounds

Builder is variously reported as Clark Marine (San Carlos, Calif.) and H&L Marine. About 18 were built in the 1960s. I don't know the full range of productiion years, but it includes 1966 - 1968. While the Association publication "The Early Years" says the Alberg 30 was patterned after the Odyssey, it appears that the reverse is actually true. "Dawntreader" is hull number 3 and was built in 1966.

Typical Carl Alberg full keel with cutaway forefoot. Designed as a yawl, but mostly built as a sloop. These boats are overbuilt, like many early fiberglass boats. Ben Wells' "Dawntreader" made a circumnavigation, 1982-1988.

The salon on starboard side has a tier of drawers with counter on top, a sea berth aft of that and the stove, icebox and galley counter aft of the berth. A cockpit locker is aft of the galley. The sink is mid-ships under the companionway. On the port side is the head compartment with a 2-person dinette aft and a quarter berth aft of the dinette. Forward is a double berth with removable triangular cushion and the chain locker.

http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/Dawntreader-SFO.jpg http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_Cabin.jpg http://alberg30.org/CarlAlberg/Odyssey/D'treader_On_Hard.jpg (Photos courtesy of Ben Wells, used by permission.)

Does anyone have any other information?

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