Northeast Sailboat Rescue

Michael Chasse Northeast Sailboat Rescue Email: MailTo(nsr AT SPAMFREE suscom-main DOT net)

Hi; I am Michael, I am Northeast Sailboat Rescue in Freeport Maine. We collect unwanted sailboats,clean them up and find good homes for them!

I am an Alberg junkie! My first was a Person Ariel ( we sailed her into the perfect storm! ) My next was a Triton, I sailed her for thousands of blue water miles, her name is V.S.O.P. ( very special old pearson ) We sold her when the baby was born and the house was built! Every boat I have owned has been rescued from someones back yard or the back row of a boatyard.

A couple of years ago I decided the need was great to rescue as many classic sailboats as I could. So I started [] We specialize in smaller trailerable sailboats,daysailers,and dinghies. We do have sailboats around the 30' range. We are the largest sailboat trailer dealer in the northeast! I collect every Carl Alberg design I can and currently have : Cape Dory 10, Typhoon,2 Bistol Corinthians,2 South Coast 23's, 2 Kittiwakes,4 Ensigns,Electra,Sea Sprite 23 ( The first one Hull # 0000 she was the plug! ) 2 Aerials, Commander, Triton, Alberg 30!

So if you are looking for a good home for your old Alberg give me a call! Or if you are looking for one ( lots are projects ) We may have your next boat! My phone # is 207 729 490