Your 'umble webmaster. Email me.

Hi George, saw you active on recent changes and wanted to invite you to put up a TourBusStop on this wiki.

Check out the whole meatball project at: Meatball:HowToForTourBusConnections

Best, MarkDilley

And the point would be? I took a look and there doesn't seem to be much in common with the Alberg Wiki and those on the Tour Bus, other than the fact that this is a MoinMoin instance. Maybe you can give me the sales pitch. -- GeorgeDinwiddie

Ahh, the sales pitch, minus the selling. I am a fan of wiki, and trying to figure out how to get more people to understand the concept and uses. One of the ways to do that is to create different "Tours" for wikis. Obviously yours wouldn't go into a tour with a bunch of computer language wikis (well maybe a Moin Moin Tour?), but it may go into a tour with the new Kayak wiki. Or it might fit into a design tour, etc. etc. How is that for a sales pitch? Or contact me and we can chat by phone?

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