Specifically, filters suitable for small auxiliary sailboat engines.

Gas Filters

Finding information on gas filters is amazingly difficult. I've tried to collect a little information on filters suitable for engines such as the Atomic4Engine.


It doesn't help that the Racor website is so confusing and has so many broken links. I've found a chart of Racor low-flow-rate gasoline filters, specifically the 100 series products. (Also see this PDF) Note for inboard gas engines, you have to get the metal bowl. This, in turn, requires a specific filter element because the threads are different.

Racor 110A

Racor 120A

I use a Racor 120A (actually 120RMAM or 120RMAM2) with a Racor R12SUL element. The "UL" is important, as this indicates it fits the metal bowl needed for below-decks installation. This is a 2-micron filter element and the list price was $33.80 in 2006. These elements can be a little difficult to find, at times.


Racor 140

Racor 320R



MF-12 & MF-14 10 micron filters

Diesel Filters

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Other sources of information

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