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This particular Wiki is dedicated to documenting CarlAlbergsSailboats in particular, and ClassicCruisingSailboats in general. You are encouraged to add your knowledge.

Please also share ideas on BoatMaintenance and BoatUpgrades. Also welcome are components common on these boats. The Atomic4Engine is one example. The YanmarEngine is another. Anybody want to add information on the UniversalDiesel or the BetaDiesel ?

Many people come here looking for AlbergBoatsForSale. How about a list of OnlineSailingArticles? Or Alberg30PartsForSale or Alberg30PartsWanted. Or maybe you want to talk about your FavoriteBooks.

If you're interested in the mailing list, see http://www.alberg30.org/lists/ for the details.

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