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photo of David Berke's Bristol 27 under sail.

Description from original brochures

(Courtesy of Kevin Monahan)

Custom quality! For a reasonable price, the Bristol-27 provides a quality hull filled with excellent features and workmanship. The proven reliability of both designer and builder makes it a lasting value. She's roomy! She's fast! She's a good heavy weather performer! She's a boat we are proud to place against any kind of competition. We feel she's an "inside and out" bargain. Pick the version that best suits your needs ... and compare!

Hand lay up construction and full length keel with attached rudder provides strength and sailing stability.

Fall in love! The best way to judge a boat is to sail it, to live in it, to owne it over a period of time. This isn't always possible to do before you buy, but you certainly can ask other owners what they think. Ask them what they think of the Bristol styling inside. Ask them about the quality of materials and workmanship. Maybe you could turn on the charm and ask them for a ride. If you fall in love with it ... great! You're on your way to sailing satisfaction!

Note: Remember ... inboard power available. Check the long list of Optional Equipment ... and tailor this mini-yacht to taste.

Bristol 27 standard equipment

Hull & Deck

Molded high-impact fiberglass reinforced polyester resin ... largely woven roving, strongest material available. Hull and deck thicknesses vary to suit structural demands. Deckhouse, deck and cockpit are integrally molded. Deck clamp and cove stripe molded with hull. Deck is mechanically bonded and sealed to deck clamp in hull to prevent leaking. Full length non-skid dexoleum on deck and in walkways. Teak cap rail. Opening forward hatch (translucent) with molded gasket receptacle, hatch lock, and hatch adjuster.

Features of opening hull mold


Deck Hardware

All deck hardware is satin finished chrome-plated bronze or high tensile alloys. Custom cast manganese-bronze, chrome plated stem head with integral chocks.


Cruising Model

main cabin

forward cabin

Bilge Storage

Dinette Model

Equipment is basically the same as for Cruising Model. Table is standard equipment on Dinette Model. See drawings for sleeping accommodations and galley arangement.

Engine Installation

(outboard): Completely sealed, selfbailing outboard motor well in aft lazaret with ventilators. A 10 H.P. motor recommended.

(Inboard): Atomic 4 under the companionway is optional.

Electrical System

Includes electrical switch panel with switches and fuses for:

Running lights:

Interior lights:

Tanks(Standard cruising model):

Spars & Rigging:

Colors: Owner may specify colors (from standard color selections) to be molded into hull and deck and choose from a variety of available colors for boot-top, anti-fouling (vinyl) paint, cove stripe (unpainted is standard) and mattresses.

===Bristol 27 Specifications ===

Bristol 27 Lines


Bristol 27 Sail Plan


Bristol 27 Owners Association


The Bristol 27s powered by outboards have a problem with steering in reverse. Here's a clever SteeringSolution that was posted on the Bristol List. hi erik

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