Have you repowered and have an Atomic4Engine for sale? Running or not, list it here. Please make your listing brief, but I suggest giving some indication of condition. You may list the asking price, but don't forget the most important information: a way to contact the seller. Also, please remove the listing when the engine is sold.

If you're in the business, I recommend a listing on Atomic4PartsSuppliers instead. If you selling or looking for parts instead of a whole engine, check Atomic4PartsForSale.

"Atomic 4 for sale - serial no. 177073. Removed from boat an Ericson 32 - January 2004. Running when removed and has a new electronic fuel pump. Rebuilt about 5 years ago. Located a Zahnisers Yachting Center in Solomons Island, Maryland. Asking $750, as is, where is. E-mail: sbchilds@msn.com Posted 4 Feb 2004

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