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 * [http://www.user.firstclass.com/~Eric/Arioso/Manuals/Atomic%204%20Engine/ Eric Haberfellner C&C34 site] has some manuals, and the parts list.

The Universal Atomic 4 is a gasoline engine that, though out of production for many years, still powers a large percentage of sailboats.

Check out the Atomic4FrequentlyAskedQuestions. Also, check the lists of Atomic4PartNumbers, Atomic4Mechanics, Atomic4PartsSuppliers Atomic4EnginesForSale and Atomic4PartsForSale.

Be sure to check out http://www.alberg30.org/maintenance/MechanicalPropulsion/Atomic4/ and http://www.alberg30.org/maintenance/MechanicalPropulsion/Atomic4/updates.html too.

A catchall page for EngineRelatedInformation.

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