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Those of you who are versed on older boats I would like to post photos to you off line to help me identify this boat. We believe the manufacturer date was in the late 1960's. Oh and the mast is coach roof stepped.

She is 27 ft in length, full keel, keel hung rudder, about 4 ft draft, separate well for an outboard for auxilary power, fiberglass hull with fibreglass covered mahogany plywood decks and coach, no centerboard or swing keel, rudder is smallish and half circle shaped with bottom edge 4 or 5 inches above the bottom of the keel, no quarter berths just deep cockpit lockers.

I am considering purchasing this boat to help out the current owner. He has done the bottom and topsides in a First Rate manner and is offering the boat at a give away price of $1,500.00. The rest of the boat is a project.

Thank you for your efforts to help me identify the boat.

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