Kurt Hansen

After emigrating from Denmark to Canada, Kurt Hansen began to import boats for sale in 1954 as a part-time business. In 1957, Mr. Hansen began his boat building career from a plant located on Mack Avenue, in Scarborough, Ontario. There he made Folk Boats, International 14s and dinghies, all of wood.

Three years later, in 1960, he bought a plant in Whitby, Ontario and began fiberglass construction, specializing in Folk Boats. Then, through the rigging adaptation of the Folk Boat's 7/8ths rig to that of a masthead rig, there began the production of the popular Continental 25.

The Alberg 30 was born in 1963, and our story and history began.

Kurt Hansen died in Cape Coral, Florida, on December 6, 1997, at the age of 66 years, following a period of ill health. Kurt Hansen's production went on to include many other boats, notably Alberg 37s and Whitby 42s. We, the skippers and crews, will continue to enjoy the legacy he has left us.

Our sympathy and condolences are extended to his wife, Doris, who throughout those active years of production, gave their boat building operations the steady hand of business control. To Kurt, fair winds and calm seas.

Ken Stephenson
Great Lakes Alberg Association

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